Khatu Shyam Ji History

Khatushyamji:Khatu Shyam Ji History

Shri Khatu Shyam ji is a famous town in the Sikar district of the Indian state of Rajasthan, where is the world famous temple of Baba Shyam.

According to Hindu religion, Khatu Shyam ji is the incarnation of Krishna in Kaliyuga, who had received a boon from Shri Krishna that he would be worshiped in Shyam by his name in Kali Yuga. Shri Krishna was very pleased with the great sacrifice of Barbarik and gave a boon that as Kaliyuga will be the incarnation, you will go to the place of Shyam’s name. Your devotees will be saved only by the true heart of your name. If they worship with your true mind and affection, all their wishes will be fulfilled and all the work will succeed.

The uncommon story of Shri Shyam Baba starts from the medieval Mahabharata. They were first known as Barbaric. He is the son of the most powerful Ghaddar Bhim, Ghatotkach and Nag Kanya Mauravi. He was a very brave and great warrior since childhood. He learned war art from his mother and Shri Krishna. Lord Shiva’s great austerity pleased him and achieved three unfaltering arrows; Thus the name of the three arrows received the famous name. Agnidev pleased him and gave him a bow, which was able to make him victorious in all the three worlds.
The war of Mahabharata had become indispensable between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, if this news was received by Barbaryak, then the desire to join the war would have been awakened. When he came to receive his blessings from his mother, then he promised to give mother the support of the loser party. They boarded their blue horse with three arrows and bow and headed towards the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Omnipresent Lord Krishna, holding Brahmins, stopped them to know about Barbarik and laugh at them knowing that he has come to join the war with just three arrows; Upon hearing this Barbarik replied that only one arrow is enough to defeat the enemy army and after doing this, the arrow will return only to the river. If all three arrows have been used, then the whole universe will be destroyed. Knowing this, Lord Krishna challenged them to show all the leaves of this tree, They were both standing under the tree of Peepal. Barbaric accepted the challenge and took an arrow from his son and remembered God and directed towards the arrow of the tree. In a moment, the arrow pierced all the leaves of the tree and started moving around the feet of Shri Krishna, because he had hidden a leaf under his feet; Barbaric said that you take your leg away, otherwise these arrows will also pierce your feet. Thereafter, Mr. Krishna asked the child Barberik, from which side he would be involved in the war; Barbaric reiterated the promise given to his mother and said that the side in the war which will be defeated and defeated will support itself. Sri Krishna knew that defeat in the war was certain of the Kurus and for this reason if Barbaric helped them, the result would have been in the wrong side.

Thus, Brahmin worshiper Krishna expressed his desire to donate from Veer Barbarik. Barbaric promised them and asked for a donation. Brahmin asked him for the donation of Sheesh. Veer Barbouric was amazed for a moment, but could not be firm with his word. Brave Brahma says, an ordinary Brahmin can not ask for such a donation, so the Brahmins pray for their realization of their real nature. Brahmin, Shri Krishna came in his true form. Shri Krishna explained the reason for asking Shesh Dan to Barbarik that before the war began, the sacrifice of the best Kshatriya in the three worlds for the battlefield worship has to be sacrificed; So they were constrained to do so. Barbaric prayed to them that they want to see war till the end. Shri Krishna accepted his prayer. Shri Krishna, pleased with this sacrifice, decorated Barbarik with the title of the best hero of the war. His shisha was decorated on a hill near the battlefield; From where the barbarians could take stock of the entire war. He had donated his glass to the philosopher of the month of Phalgun, thus he was called the Shesh’s darani.
On the end of the Mahabharata war, there was a dispute between the Pandavas only that who goes to credit for victory in battle? Shri Krishna told them that Sheshi’s verse is a witness to the whole war, so who can be better conclusive than that? Everyone agreed to this and moved towards the hill, reaching there, Shesh of Barbarik replied that Shri Krishna was the greatest character in victory in the war, his education, presence, warfare were crucial. He was just showing his Sudarshan Chakra rotating in the battleground, which was cutting the enemy army. At the order of Krishna, Mahakali was consuming the blood of the enemy’s blood.

Shri Krishna was very pleased with the great sacrifice of Barbaric and gave a boon that in Kaliyug, you will go by the name of Shyam, because in the era, the companion of the loser is able to bear the name Shyam.

His body was buried in Khatu Nagar (Sikar district of the present Rajasthan state), hence he is called Khatu Shyam Baba. A cow came to that place and was sucking itself the milk stream daily from its breasts. Later, after digging, Shesh appeared, which was handed over to a Brahmin for a few days. Once the king of Khatu city was inspired to create a temple in the dream and to beautify it in the temple of Sheesh. The temple at that place

Khatushyamji:Shyam kund

In ancient times, there was a huge mound in place of this place. The tree of Akasha grew over it. There used to be grazes of Ida Jats grazing. Cow’s milk used to drip as soon as it came near the tree of Aak. One day Ida went with the cow and saw this process, then she was surprised, who started thinking that who could drink milk when it came to this figure. That night Ida Jat was seen in the dream that I am not in your cow’s milk drinker, in the name of “Shyam”. Saying to the king here, take out the idol and take the idol. All the world will worship my name as “Shyam”. When asked by the king, after removing the clay from the pond, Shyam idol appeared, it is worshiped. The name of the Kund falls only “Shyam Kund”.

Khatushyamji:Ancient temple of khatushyamji

The statue was taken from Shyamkund and it was established in the ancient temple situated in the market. In this orbit of this temple there is a pagoda of that time. This temple was torn by the Muslim king Aurangzeb, then Shyam Murthy was brought into the present temple. In place of Shyam Mandir, the mosque became and the pagoda is right there.

Khatushyamji:Current temple

It is known from the old inscription that Miti Phalgun Shukla Saptami Vin No. The foundation stone for the construction of the present temple of Shri Shyamji was made by the Kam Kamals of Kanwar Sahib Abhay Singh Ji, Kanwar Sahib of Ajay Singh, of Maharajdhira Rajarajeshwar Ajit Singh of Ajmer in 1777, the temple is 268 years old. It was renovated by Seth Sukhram Laxminarayan Kanodia Habatar Ashwin Shukla Dashmi VS. Curated in 1999.


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